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Dear Homeowner:

Are you one of the 1000's of Sonoma County Homeowners who needs to sell, but owes more on your home than it is worth?

Many people are asking us, "What can I do if I can no longer keep up with the payments?

Life seems scary when you're facing the reality of foreclosure and you just don't want to answer the phone anymore.

Well, we are here to tell you that you do have options. We work everyday to help hard working people get out of bad financial situations.

Hi: We are Jeff and Teresa Henderson and we are certified Short sale specialist with 34 years and 23 years respectably in the Real Estate Business in Sonoma County.

We have helped 100's of Sonoma County families in the last 7 years avoid the stigma of foreclosure and rebuild their lives back.

The Good News is the lenders are still allowing Short Sales because they know the problem is far from over.

Through this process of a Short Sale we can help you:



Dear Jeff and Teresa,

We just want you to know how relieved we are to have the short sale of our home behind us. You always kept us in the loop on the whole process and this was reassuring to us that we picked the right people to represent us. What was more amazing was that you had both lenders approve our short sale in a little over 30 days and that the first lender Seterus gave us $3,000 for relocation. What a surprise. With Bob out of work this money definitely will help our family heal up. Again Good job and we hope we can recommend someone else to you soon.


Robert & Judy Ferguson

Dear Jeff,

Just wanted to take a moment to Thank You for the awesome service you gave me in helping me short sale my home in Soda Springs, Ca. I am so glad to have this nightmare behind me and know that because of the new laws in place for California that both lenders cannot come after me later for any restitution. I hope I can refer someone to you like I was referred by one of my best friends who dealt with you. As they say word of mouth travels faster than the paper and I will certainly try to help you, like you helped me.


Dan Green

Pleasanton, Ca

Dear Jeff,

I found Jeff and Teresa Henderson in the Press Democrat and called and talked to Jeff about short sales. He was very professional, informative and above all gave me knowledge about short sales that I could find any where else. I decided to use Jeff's services and my remark to him was - we are approved by wells Fargo already and I get $3000 for seller relocation. To say the least I believe Jeff did me a great service and really cared about me as a person. I would highly recommend to anyone needing to do a short sale to look know where else and contact Jeff Henderson for his help.


Laura Zieman

Cotati Ca

Dear Teresa & Jeff,

Just want to say Thank You for keeping us up to date on the purchase of our home. I don't think this was one of your easier sales, but you encouraging us to be patient has paid off! We have a wonderful home and what a great deal! We are so excited to be finally moved in.

Thanks again,

Alex and Charlotte Lopez

Windsor Ca

Dear Jeff:

We are relieved beyond belief. This nightmare is behind us and we know why. Terrific service, Terrific follow up and Terrific knowledge you showed from start to finish. Wells Fargo will no longer control our lives and we will recommend your Service to everyone.

Jeff and Jan Long

Petaluma Ca

Dear Jeff,

Just want to take a minute to Thank You for helping me Short Sale my home. When I found you in the newspaper and then went to your website I was convinced you could help me short sale my house and you did. From the time we received multiple offers, to the time that both lenders gave me approvals on the sale of my home, it was seamless! What a relief to be free of these loans, thanks again for all your help.


Rob Lee

Santa Rosa

Dear Teresa & Jeff:

This is the second time we have needed your services on short selling another home for us. Your continued steady support on all matters big and small was important and instrumental in our home being approved for a short sale and the sale closing on time. We finally are through this nightmare and can now begin to rebuild our lives back. We will keep recommending you to our friends and neighbors if they need your services.


Jim & Tina Geissinger

Dear Jeff & Teresa:

It is with pleasure that we are writing this testimonial to you. We could not be more pleased with your service and dedication on helping us short sale our home. Not only was the experience stress free, the $3,000 you got us for relocating from Bank of America was "icing on the cake." (Not to mention that we are debt free from the lender.)

Thank you so much!!

Jose and Gena Vasquez

We were very pleased with the process from the beginning to the end with the Henderson Team. I found Jeff and Teresa in the newspaper under the Real Estate Services ad and went to their website to see what they had. After reading everything in their website I was convinced that they were the people to do my short sale. Jeff personally walked me and my wife Jill though the steps and what to expect. He continually kept us up to date on the progress. The short sale was quick, simple and painless. We are now free from the debt and we can begin to build our credit back and our lives. We definitely will recommend you to our friends.


Bob and Jill Palmer

We were referred to Jeff by a good friend of our by the name of Barry Koster. We have known Barry a long time and we knew that if he had confidence in Jeff's abilities that we could not go wrong.

Our home seemed like it was on the market less than a week and we received 3 offers. The offer that we accepted was all cash and went over the asking price by $35,000. With two loans on the property and one of them an equity line, we thought...if we get out of this we won't believe it! Well, just a little over 45 days and Jeff had both loans approved for short sale and the lenders both agreed to give us full releases from the debts. Now we both can get our lives back on track We would highly recommend Jeff Henderson to help you too.

Paul & Marj Clagett

We found Jeff and Teresa in the Press Democrat and for a couple of weeks were hesitant to call them but after Bank of America denied our loan modification I picked up the phone and called them. Jeff explained very professionally what our advantages in short selling would be and right then and there I felt he and his wife were the people to help us.

We had two loans and once we received an offer it seemed to go fast because Jeff had us approved quickly. We told Jeff we did not want to pay anybody one dime and that we wanted both lenders to give us full releases from the debts. This is exactly what happened. Their attention to detail and keeping us up to date on progress cam without question. A true pleasure to have them work for us and we would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Sam & Joyce:

Jeff and Teresa you are a wonderful team. My short sale was seamless and you took all the worry out of it for me. Before I knew it, the condo was sold and the lender gave me a full deficiency release. You even saved my credit from really getting bad. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.

Lisa Unciano


To say the least this selling of our home as a Short Sale was very stressful but Jeff helped us stay calm while we went through the process. He was reassuring and thorough in his knowledge of getting our Short Sale processed and accepted by the Credit Union. Even though we encountered some issues Jeff helped us work them out and his persistence paid off for us in the end. This whole ordeal is behind us now and we could not be more relieved.

Jeff & Teresa, Thank You, Job Well Done.

Bill & Patty Fenner

Cloverdale Ca

It was 10 months we tried to get Wachovia/Wells Fargo to do a loan modification for us, but they threw every road block imaginable in front of us. Totally frustrated we heard about Jeff & Teresa Henderson who do Short Sales and we gave them a call. They explained that we could short sale our house and save our credit and be rid of the big loans on the property without any further liability. We couldn't believe that Wachovia/wells Fargo accepted our short sale in record time and gave us $5,000 to relocate. What a relief to have this all behind us. If it wasn't for Jeff & Teresa's help we probably would have went to foreclosure and been worse off.

Thanks so much,

Logan & Griselda McEwan

Cloverdale Ca

Life just got better since we had Jeff & Teresa Short Sale our home in Windsor. For over 9 months we tried to do a loan modification but ran into every road block imaginable. Before the home even hit the market, Teresa had buyers for it. Within just a short period of time our Short Sale was approved and it closed just 3 weeks later. They also got the lender to give us $5,000 as part of the settlement at the close of escrow to relocate. Jeff & Teresa are precisely what every seller seeks in Realtors, professional, courteous, honest and hard workers. They sure know their stuff when it comes to Short Sales!


Fred & Kathleen Edwards

Windsor Ca

We were just five days from our home being sent to the auction from foreclosure but Jeff finished the Short Sale negotiations with the lender just in time and they stopped it. We really appreciated his dedication and not giving up on our Short Sale. Now, this horrible problem is behind us. Jeff really does what he says and he treated us with dignity throughout this whole ordeal.


Michael Misakian

If you want to buy a nice home at a great price then buy a Short Sale. Jeff helped us buy our first home in Cloverdale and we couldn't of done it without him. He specializes in Short Sales so when this property we bought came up for sale he knew that the lender which was Citi Bank would approve quickly. We jumped in there fast with an offer and bought it at an incredible price. You truly are an expert in Short Sales and we really appreciate everything you have done.

Amber & Dave Esquivel

To Jeff Henderson:

I was referred to Jeff from a good friend of mine named Jim about doing a short sale on my condo in Cloverdale. Came to Jeff for consultation and after he explained what would happen I took the chance and listed the home with him. I was very apprehensive at first because I felt that with having a first and a second equity line that the banks would not cooperate with me. Once Jeff put the home on the market we had a sale within 30 days and both lenders approved the short sale within another 45 days. I had no money out of pocket with them and walked away a free man. Jeff was always mindful that I was kept up to date weekly on what was happening and always did his best to reassure me that all would go well. I am so relieved to have all this behind me and would recommend Jeff's services to anyone.

Barry Koster

To Jeff Henderson:

If tenacity is a quality needed in getting Short Sales through, then Jeff & Teresa qualify for the award. We received their post card in the mail and after reviewing their informative web site I decided to get in contact with Jeff. After a consultation at his office, I felt it was in my best interest to Short Sale a rental unit I had which was seriously up side down. Once Jeff and Teresa put the home on the market we had 10 offers in 3 days and accepted an all cash deal. It seemed that after Jeff submitted our packages to both lenders we had approvals within 30 days. The buyer closed the sale in 17 days and we are now free of a great burden to deal with which is a foreclosure ding on our credit. I would recommend Jeff and Teresa Henderson to anyone to save their credit and their dignity. Above all Jeff was always very concerned about our needs and did everything he said he would.

Jim Geissinger

I used three other Real Estate Agents to try and sell my Condo but none of them were successful. After trying to do a Loan Modification for months and having no success I decided to try a Short Sale. I met a lady at State Farm who referred Jeff Henderson to me. Upon talking to her she said that they had just completed a Short Sale with Jeff and they were his new walking, talking billboard. He had also helped them Short Sale their condo in Santa Rosa and he did it in record time. I decided to call Jeff and I made an appointment to see him. After a consultation, I decided to list the Condo with him. Within two weeks we had a sale.

Chase approved the Short Sale and we are closing it.I couldn't be happier! Jeff always kept me in the loop throughout the whole process and was very concerned about my needs. To be relieved of the debt from Chase is so gratifying. I would recommend Jeff and Teresa to anyone! I am now their new "walking talking billboard!"

Gail Smith

Jeff helped us settle our debt with both lenders, Wells Fargo & Chase by doing a Short Sale. Within 55 days Jeff had both lender approvals and then closed escrow 30 days later. The Second Deed of Trust was a recourse loan and Jeff successfully negotiated with them not to file a Deficiency Judgment which would have ruined our credit for years. We couldn't be happier. We will be able to buy a home within 24 months.

Adan & Charity Castro

We were very distraught about having to go through the foreclosure process. Through a mutual friend Jeff's name came up about doing a short sale instead. Are we glad we contacted him. Jeff sold our home in 59 days and our lender approved the short sale in just 20 days. We never had to talk with our lender again, and we walked away debt free.

John and Karen Carter Santa Rosa Ca

Can't thank Jeff Henderson enough for helping us buy a Short Sale Home. Within 21 days we submitted the offer, Jeff had it accepted by the bank and in escrow. The bank paid us over $7000 in loan closing costs to help us buy the home and everything went flawless all the way to the close of escrow. Short Sales are tough, but Jeff made it look easy.

Peter and Jennifer Godden


We are also experts at initiating and closing a New Government Sponsored Short Sale Program called HAFA: (Home Affordable Foreclosure Assistance)

This program initially started on April 5, 2010 and enables a borrower the ability to avoid foreclosure by completing a short sale under HAFA.

So be sure to ask about this New unique program when You call (see below)

Benefits of HAFA:

  • Prohibits the lender from foreclosing
  • Mortgage debt is settled-lender issues a "full & final satisfaction" on both the 1st & 2nd lien
  • Seller receives a $3,000 payment at the close of escrow for Seller relocation help
  • Seller pays NO Closing Costs and No Real Estate Brokerage Fee's
  • HAFA Short Sales move faster than regular short sales



If you need to sell your home, but owe more on your home than it is worth, we can help you sell your home quickly and easily, without ruining your credit, going through foreclosure or declaring bankruptcy through a process call a Short Sale.

You will pay us absolutely nothing to sell your home!

You will not have the stain of a foreclosure or a bankruptcy on your precious credit to contend with and instead of having to wait up to 5 years to buy another home, you can actually buy again within 18-24 months.

Remember: Lenders approve "Short Sales" and accept the resulting loss in an effort to avoid bigger losses through foreclosure.

Something To Remember About Short Sales:

Short Sales are a different animal than a regular real estate transaction. Once you stop making your mortgage payments, the foreclosure process begins, and the clock starts ticking.

You get one shot to do a successful short sale. If your agent is inexperienced at short sales, makes mistakes, gives up, slacks off, drops the ball, or simply does not know how to negotiate with the banks, you will wind up being foreclosed on by your lender.

Less than 2% of the Real Estate Agents in Sonoma County do Short Sales because of the tremendous tenacity it takes to get the lenders to accept less on your loan.

With a foreclosure looming over you, your impeccable credit you once had and cherished will be gone maybe forever.

Your credit score with a foreclosure will take a hit by as much as (250-400) points and you will be hounded by your lender day and night.

Even worse, you will have difficulty getting credit cards, auto loans, new jobs, or even renting a home for the next 7 years.

Further, depending on whether the loan on your home is a "Purchase Money Loan" or whether you did a "Cash Out Refinance" after your purchase, will determine if you have a "Recourse Loan" or a "Non Recourse Loan".

This makes a big difference as to whether your lender can go after you to repay the debt, even after your home has been foreclosed on.

The good news is, I can help you either way, but the steps are different.

What is a Short Sale?

Simply put, a short sale is a real estate transaction where the homeowner owes the lender more than what their property is worth and they need to sell. In a short sale, the lender must approve and accept less than what they are owed as a full payoff (this means they may settle for $250,000, even if you currently owe them $450,000...even if the loss is hundreds of thousands of dollars).

For the lender to agree to do a short sale you do not have to be behind in payments, except that most people that come to us are. You just need a valid hardship to qualify with the lender.

Below is a list of "hardships" that are common and frequently accepted by mortgage lenders.

Job loss or significant income loss

Family illness or injury

Job relocation when the property is equity deficient

Divorce or split of domestic partners

You are unable or soon will be unable to pay your bills on time

Adjustment in mortgage payment or unforeseen increase in living expenses

Is a Short Sale right for me?

Mortgage lenders are increasingly willing to work with borrowers faced with a financial hardship to accept a discounted payoff of a mortgage. If you are faced with a hardship that makes it likely you will be unable to meet your obligation on your mortgage, your lender would much prefer to settle the matter with you as opposed to taking the property through foreclosure.

It makes no difference who your lender is.

Countrywide, Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Downey Savings, CITI, Washington Mutual, Wachovia, World Savings, EMC, First Franklin, Flagstar, GMAC, Greenpoint, Homecomings, Home Eq, HSBC, Irwin, National City, Novastar, Option One, Aurora, Deutsche Bank.

We have worked with all of these and more.

Bottom Line, your lender wants to work with you.

Short Sale versus Loan Modification:

When you Short Sale your property with the lender he agrees to take less then what is owed to him. Also with a Short Sale you avoid the pitfalls of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy which can haunt you for years to come. On the other hand a loan modification allows you to keep your property with a payment that is suppose to fit your budget. The catch is they only lower the payment for a while so they can catch you up later on what you really owe. You see I have yet to hear of them reducing the principal to current market value to reflect the true extent of the problem. I don't know about you but who would want to wait, (who knows how many years,) for the market to catch up to the loans so you could start making equity on your investment again. With a Short Sale your credit can rebound within 18-24 months so you can buy a house at a lower price then when you bought the present home you are in today and your financial picture will probably have improved to the extent that you would like to own a home again.

Do Your Homework

Don't trust this process to someone who is inexperienced. You should also be wary of the many companies that actually encourage you to go through foreclosure so that you can live in your home for a few months without paying your mortgage while they try to Modify Your Mortgage with the Lender.

These companies prey on people who are vulnerable and unaware of the California Foreclosure law.

They even charge you hefty fees upfront while the lender proceeds with the foreclosure and you lose the home anyway.

This is financial suicide, and it is totally unnecessary because.....

Your lender does not want to foreclose on your home.

They would much rather have you stay in your home and continue making your payments, while you try to sell it as a Short Sale and get it off their books, even with them taking a financial loss.

Banks are in the lending business, not the real estate business.

With This Said, A Sincere Word Of Caution

Timing is Absolutely Critical.

The sooner you start the process, the more options you will have. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate.

Listen, Teresa and I have developed what we believe to be the best system in existence for doing Real Estate Short Sales.

We were trained by a Chief Loss Mitigator and Asset Manager who was 20 years in the business with Indy Mac Bank, a top ten lender, that was the man that approved or declined short sales.

We have successfully negotiated countless short sales for families just like you and as you can see from our recent approval letters above, we actually get the banks to say YES to our Short Sales.

Before you agree to have an agent help you sell your home, ask him/her to show you just one short sale approval within the last 6 months....I doubt they can.

With knowing how the bank works from the inside we have taught our team exactly how to ethically Beat The Bank ...93.2% of the time!

Now It's Up To You...

Are you ready to take a serious look at your options and see how a Short Sale can help you?

We love to help really nice people sell their homes and save their dignity.

We know about every single method it takes to get your lender to let you do a Short Sale on your home.

Remember: The Lenders pays our commission and all closing costs - You Pay Nothing!

If you would like to learn more about how we help Sellers Short Sale their homes and walk away paying nothing to their lender, have no tax consequences, and save their credit.

Then give us a call and we will walk you through your options.

There's a reason that we outsell the average Realtor by more than 40 to 1 in Short Sales.

If you don't know what else to do and you don't call us at 707-292-3409, what will it cost you in damaged credit, frustration and stress?

If we are unavailable when you call, just leave us a message and we will call you back promptly or email me below.

We Know How You Feel And We Can Help.

Highest Regards:

Jeff Henderson

Teresa Henderson

Short Sale Specialist & Consultant's

Realtor, Creative Property Services

Call Jeff & Teresa! 707-292-3409

P.S. Remember, in a Real Estate Short Sale, you pay nothing, you owe nothing, and you save your credit.

Still Not Sure?

All information offered within this web site should be independently verified.

Real Estate ID #01098145

Jeff Henderson 707.292.3409

Teresa Henderson 707.888.1688

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